Technical Precision Honors Employees at 2016 Service Awards Dinner


   Technical Precision Plastics held it’s annual awards dinner to recognize the service and accomplishments of its employees from the previous year of 2016.  TPP acknowledged 35 employees for perfect attendance along with those celebrating 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 year work anniversaries .  There were also 3 employees honored this year with retirement recognition.

TPP is very proud of its employees and what they do to make Technical Precision what it is today.  Thanks to everyone that worked very hard to make this a great event once again.  A special thanks to the musical stylings of John Tate.

Work Anniversaries

5 years – Cristobal Sosa Pacheco, Cirilo Gomez, Naborina Martinez, Patricia Rodriguez, Victor Jimenez, and Roy Shaw

10 years – Angela Hughes, Mark Capps, and Joseph Nogues

15 years – Alina Rodriguez, Elia Ann Edwards, Tammy Dawkins, and Maria Rogriduez Vital

20 years – Linda Wilson, Luanne Payne, and Raquel Rodriguez

30 years – John Tate

Special Retirement Recognition – Carolyn Mann, Jack Spencer, and Floyd Bass


Carolyn Mann and Jack Spencer

The Three Amigos

Calvin and Steph

John Tate



Tammy and Steph


Rigo, Maria, Cladio, Patricia, Cladio Jr, and Victor

Pam, Mildred, Linda, Carolyn, Susan, Linda and Luanne

Kenny, Dan, Greg, Brian, Lee, Jack, Tammy, and David

David and Tammy

Tom and Ken at the Buffet

Raquel, Adrianna, Carmelia, Erika, Hector, Lorena, and Naborina

Hector and Lorena

Martha, Irma, Lupe, Carmen, Maria, Ann, Marta, and Rufina

Tommy, Frank, Scott, Crystal, Calvin and Angela

Pam, Penny, Ken, Jim, Victoria, and Susan