Industries Served


industries1Technical Precision Plastics is an experienced materials supplier of advanced polymer plastics components for the aerospace industry. Recent production runs include smoke and fire detection equipment and cockpit components.




industries2Serving primarily the pest management sector, Technical Precision Plastics offers and continues to develop devices recognized by the USDA.





industriesPrecision requirements for injection mold plastic components makes Technical Precision Plastics a preferred supplier for automotive plastics. Automotive markets include:



  • Fuel Cell Components
  • Electrical Connectors, Bobbins, Covers
  • Lighting and Lens Components
  • Electrical Relays


industries4Safety, reliability, functional, aesthetics are a few descriptions which represent the consumer group of products offered by Technical Precision Plastics. Supplying a driven customer base with products such as:



  • Closures
  • Fire Safety
  • Construction Items
  • Plumbing Accessories
  • Hand Tools


industries3Since the inception of Technical Precision Plastics in 1984, Medical has been a key factor in the growth and success of the company. Serving the medical industry with design and development of medical devices, injection molding of plastic components, assembly and packaging, Technical Precision Plastics, Inc. is a recognized partner in the chronic care, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and surgical markets. Technical Precision Plastics, Inc. is an FDA Registered contract manufacturer and our ISO Class 7 and 8 clean room facilities operate under GMP guidelines. Our work includes:

  • Chronic Care – Ostomy products, disposable devices, sub assemblies, packaging
  • Diagnostic – Vials, syringe assemblies, closures, packaging
  • Pharmaceutical – Atomizing chambers, closures, hangers, pill boxes
  • Surgical – Laparoscopic components, stable devies, stale removers, clip retainers


industries5Technical Precision Plastics serves international markets by offering a proprietary line of textile clips and hangers. Existing designs and established colors are available for immediate release. Customized styles can be produced to customer specifications. Call or email Customer Service to request a sample or contact us with your design for collaboration.