IntraPac Mebane provides support and leadership assisting valued customers in product design and development by combining principles of plastic part design.  IntraPac Mebane utilizes SolidWorks® and Mold Flow Part Advisor MPA® to create and analyze complex plastic components and assemblies.

Plastics material selection and application support are provided by IntraPac Mebane and through its diverse supplier base. Technical knowledge of plastics materials and performance ensure your application utilizes plastics for maximum performance and cost advantages. Program Management systems track and communicate design and development activities. Customer communications are paramount in all phases of development programs.

What we do:

  • Design / Development
  • Resin Expertise
  • Tool Building Technology
  • Clean Room Facilities
  • Multi-Shot Molding
  • Assembly/Packaging
  • Validation Testing
  • Secondary Operations

Quality Registrations

IntraPac Mebane is committed to continuously improving our processes and products to services that provide turnkey solutions for our customers. We use the ISO 9001 standard and customer feedback as a catalyst for our Continuous Improvement Processes.