Medical Cleanroom Molding

cleanroom1IntraPac Mebane and Haina’s operations offer class 100,000 and 10,000 molding clean rooms. Clean assembly zones are in an ISO Class 7 clean room. This area offers automated and manual systems compliant to customer requirements. Direct Market Unit assemblies are packaged and shipped to customers. Since the inception of IntraPac Mebane in 1984, medical has been a key factor in the growth and success of the company. Serving the medical industry with design and development of medical devices, injection molding of plastic components, assembly and packaging, IntraPac Mebane is a recognized partner in the chronic care, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and surgical markets.

Our work includes:

Chronic Care

  • Ostomy Products
  • Disposable Devices
  • Sub Assemblies
  • Packaging


  • Vials
  • Syringe Assemblies
  • Closures and Caps
  • Packaging


  • Atomizing Chambers
  • Closures and Caps
  • Hangers
  • Pill Boxes


  • Laparoscopic Components
  • Staple Devices
  • Staple Removers
  • Clip Retainers