Tool Building

tool buildingIntraPac Mebane designs and builds tooling with key domestic and global tool shops. Extensive knowledge of tooling technologies allows us to build tooling for medical, automotive, electronic and consumer industries. Utilization of the latest hotrunner and construction materials benefit our customers with world class tooling capable of high volume production for years. Coordination of internal and external resources for new construction guarantee on-time delivery meeting customer requirements.

In House Tool Shop

IntraPac Mebane has committed resources offering tooling maintenance, repair and engineering enhancement that ensures consistent extended life for customer tooling. To maintain product supply, excellent tooling support is necessary:

  • Documented mold histories providing accurate, traceable, mold status.
  • In-house capability
  • EDM/Micro Welding/CAM/Polish
  • Maintenance System and History

Prototype Tooling

toolsIntraPac Mebane offers a variety of solutions for product development tooling. Our extensive experience across several industries allows utilization of the systems best suited for specific product development cycles. Delivery is always paramount to program success. Our resources ensure your program has priority.

Transfer Tooling

IntraPac Mebane has extensive experience in transfer programs supporting customers with one mold to more than 100 molds needing relocation. Transfer programs are managed by a team that applies APQP techniques addressing all customer concerns. Coordination of customer priorities for tool modifications is accommodated by the in-house tooling capability through transfer programs. IntraPac Mebane has helped customers resolve issues which have plagued their operations for years. You can trust IntraPac Mebane with your next consolidation needs.